Support finished! Please read!

Hello visitors!
You landed here on the website because you were looking for apps for the Logitech G19 or G19s keyboard.
You can find them here!

But Logitech has long since stopped producing the keyboard and providing active support.
There are also no more developers actively programming apps for the Logitech G19 or G19s.
That’s why we’re discontinuing support. We won’t actively browse the web anymore and add new apps to the site.
All previous apps will remain online as usual. But it can happen, that some apps don’t work anymore, because e.g. used APIs are not available anymore.
Therefore we can’t help you to solve the problem.

But we wish you a lot of fun with the Logitech G19 / G19s and the Apps!

-The G19 Apps Team!

6 Kommentare

  1. Vielen Dank für Eure Mühe! Guten Rutsch!

  2. Hallo zusammen,

    kann es sein, dass der Falnet Display Manager nicht mehr funktioniert?
    Ich hab den mehrfach installiert und deinstalliert, aber er öffnet nicht mal die Anwendung.
    Ich würde zu gerne sehen, wie ich meine G Tasten belegt habe, bzw. TS3 auf dem Display haben.

  3. Thanks, this website is really helpful.

  4. You’ve awesome thing in this article.

  5. thank so a lot for your website it assists a lot.

  6. upnp wont run on my g19 screen it opens on my normal screen :S any one can help me ? it used to run with my old windows since i format it wont start in the keyboard screen 🙁

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