Hey you search Apps?
Read this little Text first before you start download!

Is downloading free?
-> YES! You don’t need to buy a Premium-Account.

If the data is virus and spyware free?
-> YES! All ZIP archives have been checked by us for viruses and uploaded by us! Everything is therefore virus free!
But eventually can sound the virusscanner sound the alarm, because not all know the Apps for G19.

Do I have to pay for what?
-> No! Not a cent! Everything is free!

Do I need to register?
-> No. No registration is necessary!

In App Purchase is a recommended pick what now?
-> Some apps should be bought to be able to fully utilize this. However, these costs come from the manufacturer of the app and not of! A sale is therefore voluntary!

Can I use my apps take the side to download?
-> Yes! Easy to read this text here carefully!

Where can I get apps from?
-> From this Website! Go with your Curser on Apps and choose a Categorie. &
-> So that we only finance the server. Therefore, you get the best Perfomace and 24/7 online availability. We have advertising only very discreetly placed, the this is not disruptive. We also like no advertising 😉

Apps do not run properly! What now?
-> It may happen that several apps will not run on some systems because the programs can not support all hardware components. But this can always have different reasons.

We have created a little checklist, which has most of troubleshooting:
– Start the App as Admin (on Win7, Win8 and Win10)
– Update the Logitech Gaming Software
– Restart your System
– Maby close some other Apps for the G19
– Look at the Buglist of the App and contact the Developer.

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