Install Apps


Install any Apps is not comblicated.
But fist check your Antivirus-Programm. Some Apps are not so good programmed. So some Antivirus-Software give you a alert and mark some files as a virus.
We check ALL Apps and put only clean software online! So you can be sure, that what you download from this Website is 100% clean!

You need to unzip the ZIP-Files and Run the EXE-File.
Maby you shout run the files as Admin to be sure that all is working correctly.

If you download a EXE-File, you maby must install the App first.
After that you can run it.

If you like that the App starts on startup, you put a Shotcut to the EXE-File in your Autorun-Folder.
To deinstall Apps you shout read this.

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