IP storage:

Your IP addresses are not stored here on the page, as long as you’re on this website and does not use any other services that may eingelbetteten on the current page elements such as advertising, YouTube, Twitch, and other services are not included. The storage of the addresses may therefore be possible.

Data storage:

You can register on this page for free Register to always be the first to know the latest news!
Here you just have a username, a password and your email address as a confirmation that you’re a real man indicate! These data are stored confidentially with me on the side to 100%! None of your data will be distributed to third parties continue to have sold! Your email address will remain confidential and your password is encrypted Extra!


On the page is never asked for my password, unless you are a loggst you! Here also NO premium accounts sold or any completed a subscription!\r\nCan be made once it aufmerksamm, specify your data, EVERYTHING read carefully! Keep an eye on the head and foot rows and on the left!


To get my little page, and their functions alive, will appear as on almost every website advertising! This is hosted by other services and controlled! Therefore, can see any change. There is no need to click on the advertising and I also zwing not to!
But I recommend to this little page as well as their features and extras to continue receiving any alive, disable your ad blocker for page! Here are displayed only on this page advertising elements! At no other page to see otherwise Advertising ?
It appears even Mature advertising. Therefore, it should not be possible to find a female or male person in light clothes„. However, this belibt a decision of the advertising services.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Co.:

On my side, the social network plugins and several YouTube videos and Twitch are found. These are placed anywhere and can be clicked on at will.
It should be noted, which is activated at YouTube the no-cockiee“ function and the SSL“ feature to your privacy continue to protect!
Pressing the buttons such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is voluntary and untersützt me in my work as Possitives feedback! All data that you have given freely to the social networking platforms, therefore is visible to other users of the networks! Therefore, you may check your settings before you click on the button!


You can start downloading data here on the page. These are checked by us for viruses and spyware. All data is safe! You realize our downloads ever since these are available in ZIP or RAR format. But Examine each download manually to be sure for viruses and spyware!
All downloads are free. If you are ever asked for a purchase, which is queried directly on our website, you immediately turn to the Administration. We require no money!
It may happen, depending on the app that a purchase of the app is drawn in mention. But this is completely independent of G19Apps!

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